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Video: Very disciplined high school boot camp

In order to compete for a state title in the state of Texas, you have to have more than just a talented roster. You also need to have something to set you apart, something that helps your team believe that they can compete with the national powerhouses that call the Longhorn state home.

Cedar Hill HS uses a boot camp to develop that mental and physical edge. The edge that they develop during the off season helped them earn a spot against Katy HS (TX) last season in the state championship game, where they fell just short of bringing the title home after a thrilling victory in the state semis. Both of those games are highlighted at the beginning of the clip to help eventually set the stage for the boot camp.

Notice the organization, discipline and clear standards that have been established by the coaching staff at Cedar Hill for this boot camp. Everyone knows exactly what they're doing, where they're going, what is expected, and the kids seem genuinely invested in getting their work in and doing it the right way.