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Video: 'We approach winter conditioning like they've never done it'

Five of Michigan State's six losses came by a combined total of 13 points last season. With that in mind, it's not hard to figure out why their off season program has been dubbed "The 4th Quarter" and is focused on developing a mental toughness to go along with the typical physical maturation that is expected.

In the clip below, head strength and conditioning coach Ken Mannie explains that they go into each off season with the approach that their guys have never been through an off season before.

"The way that we approach is that they've never been this before.," Mannie explains. "They've never gone through a winter conditioning program before. So in our minds we're starting all over." 

Hear more from Mannie and the leaders of the Michigan State program on the Spartans 4th quarter program in the clip below.