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Video: 'Well, initially, we thought the coaches were insane'

Bethune-Cookman wrapped up a 9-3 season by winning seven of their last eight games on the heels of their defense, which finished in the top eleven in the nation in scoring, total defense, pass efficiency defense, pass defense and turnover margin.

Their dominant defense, top ten ranked rushing offense,MEAC title and overall journey are highlighted in this video that they showed at their year end banquet.

To give you an idea of how intense the off season workouts were, one of the players noted that many of the guys thought the coaching staff might have literally been insane after they went through the first few sessions. Head coach Brian Jenkins and his staff initiated a three phase workout regimen dubbed "mayhem", "chaos" and "mind games" to ensure that they established a frame of mind that nothing would phase them, regardless of the obstacles.

That mental preparation helped Bethune-Cookman get over some big hurdles this season, including not having a practice field of their own. Every single day the team had to load into two buses and travel 20 minutes to a nearby facility to practice. A few players noted that instead of being looked at as a hassle, those trips actually brought them closer as a team. Credit that strenuous off season mental training for that outlook.

This video illustrates the mental and physical preparation that they went through, the obstacles that they had to overcome during the season, and some excellent game day highlights that bring you in the locker room and on the field with the team.

Get comfortable and watch all of this one. Very well put together with some great coaching content throughout.