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Why is James Franklin wearing a wig?


James Franklin, a few assistant coaches (including Charles Huff and Sean Spence), and a handful of players went down to a hair salon to get their heads shaved for charity yesterday.

I know what you're thinking...James Franklin has as much hair as Michael Jordan did in his prime, but that didn't stop him from having some fun and contributing to the event.

After initially walking through the door, and shaking some hands, Franklin disappeared to the bathroom and came out wearing an afro wig. As you can see, he pulls off the look quite well actually.

Huff was the only coach who actually had any hair to shave off, and while the clippers were just getting started he stated "I feel like I'm getting ugly already."

It was all part of a "No Hair, Don't Care" cancer awareness event where students came in and donated $10 to the charity to have their heads shaved. The event raised $2,600 and 215 heads were shaved according to Penn Live.