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Video: Wisconsin's 'First Quarter' winter conditioning approach

Over the past ten or fifteen years or so, Wisconsin has made a name for themselves as one of the most physical teams in the country.

Here in this video head strength and conditioning coach Evan Simon, and assistant Jamil Walker, talk about their "First Quarter" winter conditioning program and what they aim to accomplish.

"It's not about how much a guy is benching or squatting, but more so 'are we creating a better athlete? How are they moving? How are they running? How explosive are they?' In general, it's 'create a better football player,' if you do that in the proper way, those things will come, those numbers will come. They'll gain strength, they'll gain power." Walker explains.

Another part of creating the type of football player that Wisconsin wants is through competition. When Wisconsin names a winner and a loser at the end of their daily competitions, the loser's have to bus the tables of the winners and basically serve them breakfast at the dining hall. That's a nice touch.

See more quality insight on Wisconsin's off season "First Quarter" approach in the clip below.