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Video: You have two choices; pain of hard work now, or pain of regret later

This video from Hebron HS (TX) is what an off season hype video should look like.

It has a great message in the narration, and it does an outstanding job profiling the hard work and sweat that go into a successful off season.

Other than those obvious traits, there was one other obvious thing that really stood out to me with this video. Almost immediately, you notice the military "ranking system" with the t-shirts that illustrate each players' standing in the program. They range from "Captains" to "Majors" to "Colonels", and a few kids at the end must be new because their shirts have a giant "?" on it. Very interesting idea.

That final line is also right on the money, "There are two options in front of you right now; the pain of hard work now, or the pain of regret later."

"Your choice."