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Video: 'You're making an investment, not a sacrifice, for the program'

USC's wrapped up their spring practices with a spirited competition where one offensive captain was chosen to pick five players on his side of the ball to compete in head to head events, without knowledge of what those events were ahead of time.

The resulting head to head competitions had a lot of Pete Carroll flavor to them, with players genuinely enjoying the atmosphere and competitiveness, complete with an over the top celebration after the win. To wrap the workout up, Steve Sarkisian got in front of the team and said something to his players that really perked up my ears this morning.

"It's been seven weeks with Ivan right? Seven weeks! Remember the investment that you're making to this program. It's not a sacrifice, it's an investment. So when we come back on Tuesday, the journey continues."

It's different for every program, but Sark has a great point. Off season work should be an investment, not a sacrifice.