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Vikings want a retractable roof stadium


As the Minnesota Vikings look to around to hire the manpower and developers necessary to get their new stadium up, their point man, Lester Bagley is looking at options to manage their expenses so that they can get a retractable roof to fit into the finals plans.

The stadium, which already has a price tag of $975 million, is hoping to attract high school, college, and amateur baseball, as well as soccer and basketball events.

"We need to make sure this facility works for our fans and our organization. We have to make sure we get everything with a $975 million budget. It's a fixed-roof facility, but if we can cut costs, manage costs, our goal is to have a retractable feature." Bagley explained.

The retractable roof would able to open up and provide an impressive view of downtown Minneapolis, as this picture from the Pioneer Press illustrates.