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Wannstedt talks about challenges of playing at Utah

Dave Wannstedt talked about the challenges of playing at Utah on Thursday night.

(on playing at a high altitude) “When we were at the Dolphins, they used to go out a couple of days early. Everyplace I’ve coached for 16 years (in the NFL), we’ve gone out the day before, lined-up and played. I think that all the studies from the Olympic athletes will tell you, that if you want to try to make a total adjustment, you have to be out there for three days, it takes 72 hours. So even going out that extra day, which some of the NFL teams do, doesn’t really do anything. You go out, you line up and play. Fortunately we’re fairly healthy, so we’ll be able to play guys.”

(on ball security concerns) "You can talk till you're blue in the face and work on it every single day. And then all of a sudden in a game you're going, 'How does that ball come out like that?' You keep your fingers crossed that we've drilled it enough and worked hard enough and that we minimize our share of them and get a few of them."

(on a first-time starting quarterback) “Tino Sunseri and I talked two days ago. He came into my office and I gave him a few stories of other quarterbacks, both on this level and the NFL that were starting off their careers for the first time. I really wanted to make the point to him that he’s one of eleven players on offense. We’re not the type of offense where Tino’s the only one who needs to make plays.

(on his young team) “We all know that this is the youngest team that we’ve had since I’ve been here. However, I think that whether you have 25 seniors or you have nine seniors, it’s the quality. What is this group made up of? And when we hit the adversity, which every team hits every year, I believe our guys will respond the right way. Sometimes being a little bit younger, kids are excited about the opportunity to play, and they’re more focused on what they should be focused on rather than the things that are out of their control.”

Pitt at Utah is set for 8:30 pm EST on Thursdsay night. The game will air on Versus.