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Want to beat an elite defensive mind? Make him uncomfortable

Working with defensive masterminds Nick Saban, and Kirby Smart for a few years at Alabama has given Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland a unique perspective at how elite defensive minds prepare for the up tempo offenses and why they aren't real fond of the fast paced approach.

Now, with the opportunity to coach in an up tempo offense under Chip Kelly in Philadelphia, Stoutland viewpoint is even better and he recently explained why the fast paced offenses make defensive coordinators uncomfortable.

"Whenever we played teams that ran this style of offense, it was nerve wracking for defensive coaches," Stoutland noted about his past coaching stops.

"Here's why it's difficult, in my opinion. The best defenses and some of the best defensive minds, those people make a living on packages. Special packages in special situations. 'What's the down and distance? It's third and seven...okay well we have this package for that. Or it's third and one, we have this package for that'...and it's all different packages now."

"Well you're not really allowing people to get into those packages. That's uncomfortable for those people."

That is the key to getting the best of an expert offensive or defensive coordinator. Take them out of their comfort zone and make them uncomfortable. That is exactly what offensive coordinators that manipulate the tempo accomplish.

Take a look at the full interview with coach Stoutland here.