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Want to make an easy $10 million? Ed Orgeron: The Movie

Admit it, you want to know what's going on in Ed Orgeron's head right now. In the seven weeks since he took over as caretaker of the program, the jolly, ferocious Cajun has coached his way into a beautiful predicament.

The Trojans are 5-1 since his promotion to interim head coach and undefeated in Pac-12 play. If USC beats Colorado and UCLA in the next two weeks and things break the right way elsewhere, the Trojans could be headed to Eugene with the Rose Bowl on the line. It's hard to say Orgeron has coached his way into winning the full-time job, but at the very least athletics director Pat Haden will have to answer questions internally and externally about why Coach O was not the choice. And then there's the increasingly likely possibility that he'll have the choice of staying on with USC's new staff or taking over as a head coach at a new program. Fascinating, all of it.

So here's our harebrained idea: film it. Every second of it.

What if, for the next 90 days, a film crew chronicled the life of Ed Orgeron and then sold the movie rights? Who wouldn't want to see that? And how could this film do anything but make money? Offer half a million dollars to Orgeron for his time, and another million to USC for the rights. Spend half a million on your film crew, another two million promoting it and that still leaves you seven figures short of $5 million. 

Once the project is in the can, you can sell the rights to HBO or put it on the open market. The hordes of college football fans in Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, Oxford and Tuscaloosa alone flocking to see this film is enough to turn a profit. 

Look at the story you're telling: a coach takes over a drastically underachieving program and wins - immediately - at a rate no one could see coming. Now climb inside his head as he fights to win his way into his dream job, and then weighs the possibility of not getting it. Watch as he mulls whether to stay on as an assistant or prove himself again as a head coach at a new destination. What's Coach O really like on the recruiting trail? How does he handle the upcoming month-long dead period? Does he go insane? Does he spend the entire month in meditation? Does he launch a coup d'etat to take control of the governorship of Louisiana? It's a fascinating human interest story, and it's all told through the perspective of a character that I can best describe as Yogi Bear dipped in gumbo.

There's an engrossing story to be told here. All it takes is somebody to tell it.