Warning defensive staff: Paul Johnson talks about the bottom line

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Paul Johnson began his third Spring practice on Monday at Georgia Tech. After winning the ACC title in his first season, the Yellow Jackets fell to 6-7 in 2010.

So Coach Johnson, do you have set goals for spring practice, maybe things you’ve written down that you want to get down?

Johnson said prior to yesterday’s practice, “I’m not a big guy to write things down. I know what I want to get done. I don’t keep a list in my desk drawer or anything.”

“You want to get better every day you go out there. Like I said, we have things we’ve got to cleaned up. Ball security on offense is one, return game in special teams is one, we gotta tackle better and play better on defense. It’s not that complicated. And I’ve said since we’ve been here we need to throw the ball more efficiently.”

The good thing about yesterday is that Johnson didn’t put any pressure on defensive coordinator Al Groh. (please sense our sarcasm)

"I would hope that we would be more efficient and play better (on defense). If you look at the stats from two years ago to last year, there really wasn't a lot of difference. We probably had a few less turnovers last year and gave up a few less big plays. But the total yardage, points per game, all that was pretty much right in line with where we had been. You hope that in the second year (of the 3-4) there is a little more familiarity. The bottom line is winning and losing the game is determined on how many points you give up. That is the bottom line."

Georgia Tech opens with three non-conference games against Western Carolina, at MTSU, and Kansas.

The Yellow Jackets get North Carolina, Clemson, and Virginia Tech all at home in Bobby Dodd Stadium. All three teams will have a new quarterback under center this Fall.