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Watch Auburn's compilations of reactions to the Prayer at Jordan-Hare

Saturday's Prayer at Jordan-Hare, Hail Aubie, whatever you choose to call it, was one of those reminders why there's nothing in life like college football. Even if you've seen it all in your lifetime, you've never seen that. Fourth and 18, Nick Marshall throws it up, off a Georgia defender's hands and into the running arms of Ricardo Louis. Auburn 43, Georgia 38.

Auburn has compiled a smattering of reactions from a number of places - TV, radio, fans in the stadium, fans at home. I'll admit I let out an involuntary "Oh my gosh" when the ball fell in Louis' hands, and I had no dog in the hunt at all besides hoping for a good football game. You can only imagine the seesaw of emotions these people - not to mention the players and coaches on both sidelines - experienced. Verne Lundquist closes the video with the understatement of the year: "Gus Malzahn has resuscitated this program."