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Watch this...punt return wins game on last play

This one might not have the same historical significance as Cal's win over Stanford in 1982 (nor does it have a band member getting crushed); but this is a great finish. 

Saturday night, NAIA UVA-Wise was playing D-III Emory & Henry...a rivalry game in Southwest Virginia. Emory and Henry is up 3, 30-27 with 11 seconds left in the game and is facing a 4th down backed up in their own end. Being that DeSean Jackson wasn't playing in this one, E&H head coach Don Montgomery thought the right play was to punt the ball away.

Although the punter crushed it, that decision didn't play out very well for Emory & Henry. Just watch the video.

Update> A viewer just emailed us this link which has audio from the UVA-Wise broadcast...and yes the announcers go wild.