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'We did more tackling TODAY than the past two years combined'

One of the main focus' for Bob Davie's staff during their first two years at New Mexico was to build depth. That depth would not only help them come fall, but in the spring it would finally allow them to practice the way that they feel they need to in order to get the program to take the next step.

Now in their third spring, Davie feels like they finally have the depth they need, and the reward is finally being able to practice the way that they've wanted to for the past few years.

To really put in perspective what that means as far as practice structure, after Saturday's practice Davie said that they were able to tackle more during that practice than they had in the previous 30 spring practices over the past two seasons. That's wild.

"To put it all in context, we probably did more live tackling out here today than we maybe did in our first two spring COMBINED. If you take all 15 practices of year one and year two, we probably tackled more out here today than we did then." Davie explained

"For us, that's what we have to do in order to build a football team. It's like being a bull some point you'd better fight that live bull. You can play with the little horns on a stick all you want but you better put that live bull in there."