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"We don't go after the five star recruits, our guys have job descriptions'

Winning seven games and heading to a bowl game for the first time in over a decade, Curtis Johnson has a lot of new players looking at his program in a new light.

Asked about his recruiting strategy yesterday, Johnson compared their approach to Stanford's before adding an interesting thought that all rebuilding programs should consider looking at a little closer.

"I don't think our profile changes a whole lot (because of the success this season). I look at a our program and think, who are you most like? I'd say we're most like Stanford. Stanford doesn't go after just any player in the world, what they do is they go out and they pick and choose their player and they sell some stuff at Stanford that's a little bit different, and I think you can definitely do that here."

Then Johnson added what him and his staff look for out on the recruiting trail, and it has nothing to do with star power. 

"Our player, first you have to be smart, not just in the classroom, but smart on the football field also. You have to be a smart player to come here, and that's kind of what they've done."

"You might not go after the five star receivers, but the receiver that you get is going to be just, in your opinion, he's got a job description, similar to the philosophy of the Saints. They actually do job descriptions, whereas Atlanta went out and got the best receivers that they could find."

"So what's more effective, I don't know. Julio Jones is a great player, and I'd love to have him, but I also love Marques Colston."

While it's a different way of saying that they recruit to their scheme, having an actual job description for what you're looking for in each position has got to be extremely helpful when talking to high school coaches about players that can come in and help you get things turned around quickly.