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We know what Mack Brown is doing in his down time: tweeting

For the first time in his adult life, Mack Brown is not getting ready for spring football. After splitting his playing career between Vanderbilt and Florida State and then beginning his coaching career as a Seminoles student assistant in 1973, Brown spent every one of the last 40 years coaching college ball.

Without a team to coach, Brown has taken some time to reflect on where he wants to go next, whether it be to jump back into coaching, maybe try his hand at broadcasting or perhaps leave the game of football behind and do something else entirely. Oh, and tweet. He's doing lots and lots of tweeting. 

Over a period of more than three hours, Brown answered more than 150 questions, to the delight of his nearly 60,000 followers. Many of the questions were repetitive - his favorite game of all-time is the 2006 Rose Bowl, thanks for asking - but a number of them touched on the important things in life.