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We like how Tubs thinks

With the recent conference realignments, Tommy Tuberville was asked his thoughts on adding a few teams to the Big 12.

Tubs led off by saying that he would favor adding Louisville over West Virginia based on travel. Louisville would also add a bigger TV market than Morgantown does as well.

"A lot of people would think I’m crazy, but I would go after San Diego State and I’d go after Tulane. They both have great stadiums. Both would grow immensely if they went to a conference like this. I know right now, one, San Diego State is doing pretty good. Tulane is not, but they’ve got the Superdome, they’ve got New Orleans for people to go in and out. I think you look at things like that and TV markets".

In a study of the 210 media markets, New Orleans ranked #52 in the "number of TV households", and San Diego ranked 28th. Louisville is ranked 50th, and after a thorough search, we couldn't find Morgantown anywhere on the list (which means it ranks below both Juneau, and Fairbanks, Alaska).

At the end of the day coaches aren't driving the decisions, but it's always fun to hear Tubs take on pretty much anything. San Diego and New Orleans sure do sound like more fun that some of the other alternatives.