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We're witnessing the fastest team of the past five years

Over the past five years the up tempo offense has blazed a trail through college football and we've seen some of the fastest paced offenses in the history of college football. When you think of fast paced offenses teams like the 2010 Oklahoma squad come to mind (nearly 200 more plays than the second closest team at the end of the year), or the 2011 Houston team lead by Kevin Sumlin and Kliff Kingsbury (79 snaps per game).

This season, we're witnessing a team from out west that could be the fastest team to every play college football. Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin have their Cal squad near the 300 play mark through the first three games. Granted, only three games are in the books, but the Golden Bears are averaging an impressive 95 snaps per game (94.66 to be exact), and those 95 snaps are averaging nearly 6 yards per play.

According to our research, the only team of the past five years that comes even close to matching that kind of pace is the 2010 Sooners, who ran 1,211 plays through 14 games. That works out to just under 87 snaps per contest.

While Cal definitely needs to get some more wins under their belt (they're sitting at 1-2 currently with losses to Northwestern and Ohio State), over 94 snaps per game is impressive for the first year coaching staff, and they'll have plenty of opportunities to break the 100 play mark per game with upcoming games against Oregon, Washington State, and UCLA following their bye week.

You can bet that an offense directed by Tony Franklin and a true freshman quarterback will do a lot of growing over the next few years, and we're looking forward to seeing what kind of progress they make.