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'We try to break the offensive line on a daily basis'

P.J. Fleck, the youngest FBS head coach in the country at Western Michigan, is a firm believer that no offensive line in the country gets better instruction than his Broncos are getting during spring ball in Kalamazoo.

"When you sit there and think of it, coach Callahan, with his plethora of knowledge and the type of career that he's had and then you look at coach Kenney as you go throughout the country. You have two phenomenal offensive minds in that offensive line group." Fleck explained.

"It's amazing when you have two coaches, it's four eyes instead of two that see different things, and I think our players are really respecting what they're hearing and the type of coaching that they're getting. The coaching that they're getting is second to none, and you won't find better coaching in the country than the two coaches that we have here."

To provide a little background on where Fleck is coming from, tight ends coach Brian Callahan coached the offensive line at Akron from 2004-2009, and also has prior experience at UTEP, Eastern Illinois, Louisville, Oklahoma, and Pitt while Bill Kenney's experience (who serves as offensive line coach) spans over 20 years at Penn State coaching the offensive line. Overall, that's some great experience for the front line at Western to be soaking up.

Then Fleck explained an interesting strategy that they've put in place during the spring. The Bronco staff isn't focused on solidifying their first, second, and third string units during the spring because during the chances of the first group staying together all fall isn't very high. They're going to mix and match their front five to make sure everyone is comfortable playing with one another.

"What we're tyring to do is almost break the offensive line on a daily basis to try and get them to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Then, once the fall hits, then we say 'Hey that's our line, that's our one group that solid,' but they already know how to work if something does happen and understand the person next to you." 

"We are doing some things a little bit differently, but that's how we like to do it. We like to be able to find creative ways to get better in case something does happen." Fleck added.