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'We want energy coming from coaches and players, not music'

As USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron and his staff prepare for their Thursday night game against Arizona, the energy around practice is a bit different.

After their Sunday practice, Orgeron one of the changes in philosophy is that you no longer hear music at practice. One of the reasons for it is very similar to the philosophy of Kentucky's Erik Korem (who serves as High Performance coach), and that is in part because Orgeron believes that coaches and players should be providing the energy, not music.

After one reporter noted that practices sound a lot different now than they had under Lane Kiffin, Orgeron explained.

"Here's what's happening. The energy is coming from coaches and players, and that's what we wanted. We wanted the energy to be supplied and provided by the coaches and the players, and we're finally starting to see that." Orgeron said after practice yesterday.

"That's why we come in here and lock ourselves in, and we let loose. That's how we learn what to do."

Another positive reason coach O noted about not having music at practice was that it allows players to hear coaching better.

“My deal is, the music creates a little energy, but I like them to hear us coaching,” he said Sunday after practice. “It gives us a chance to coach, especially during individual period. It’s hard to coach over the music. That’s just a different philosophy.”

While it all depends on the head coaches preference, but both sides certainly have their advantages and disadvantages, Orgeron has some interesting points. We'll see how the new philosophy has helped to prepare his guys on Thursday night at 9:30 EST.