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Wednesday night Coaches Quick Hits

Mike Riley compares Louisville game to Super Bowl: "It's hard for me to believe that anybody from inside our place would ever think of this as a trap game. This is our Super Bowl. We really have to play our best every week."

Texas Tech football launched a new website: Check out

Cutcliffe preparing for Alabama: "Somebody asked me the other day, said fans just want to keep it respectable. Well I understand that mentality. I don't fault them for thinking like that, but we can't think that way.”

"I don't like to lose. But losing and having someone whip your rear end are at times different. If someone's capable of whipping you, then they're gonna have to take it from you. What we still do, and it's my responsibility – I don't like giving anybody anything. I haven't gotten anywhere in life doing that, and I don't expect our squad to do that."

Gus Malzahn explains slower tempo: "We did go slower. There were a couple factors: We were on the road, we've got a new quarterback. I wanted to make sure our communication was good. We wanted to be smart and to do whatever gave us the best chance to win the game." 

"We're going to do what we do. We still want to play fast and score points. I think one of the things that is really good with this offense is the flexibility in the offense is there. It doesn't matter what pace we have to go at.”

Tuberville on Texas Tech’s white helmets vs. New Mexico: “We have mannequins we put all the uniforms on. They had one of them with all white. I said, ‘You know, that looks pretty good.’ Players liked it. When you’re on the road, traditional white looks nice, I think. To me, if you look at all the teams across the country, the tradition is white. We’re a black helmet team. That might be the only time we do it this year.”

Dantonio not pleased with Spartans’ perimeter tackling: "We did not tackle as well this week on the perimeter. I saw some missed tackles. I saw some big hits and they ran through those."

Urban Meyer talks about stopping Tennessee run game: “We’re looking at some big personnel … We’re going to have some big people on the field because I think they’re real clear with what they want to do to you. They want to give the ball to that great back and pound it. They got a real big offensive line, so we have to be able to spend a lot of time on that this week in practice.”

Skip Holtz likes 1 lone kick-off returner: "You're flirting with the sidelines. You may get more squibs and pooches and those type of things, which I look at as a field-position win for our kickoff return team. We play the game not by return yards but by field position."