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Wednesday afternoon Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes & notes from around the country:

Oregon beat writer tweets: "The 'WTD' shield logo (that's Win the Day) is being applied to the four corners of the walls inside Autzen."

Memphis Tigers using new technology for media guide: Is this the future of media guides? Pretty neat stuff here

Quoting Oregon head coach Chip Kelly: “We’re doing the same things we did last year. But our players understand everything better. The players are a little bit more efficient. If you look at our practice schedule, it’s real similar to what we did a year ago. We changed how we practiced starting a year ago. The system is the same. Their familiarity with the system is what leads to our efficiency.”

( on checking the temperature in Iraq everyday) “I’ve done that every day since I came back. It’s a little cooler (in Eugene). Friday and Saturday didn’t feel that way, but it was. I can guarantee you that.”

Quoting Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson: “When I first got there, we didn’t have guys turning us away then. Certain guys fit certain schools. We recruit a lot in state. Our primary rival in recruiting is probably the University of Georgia. It’s very different than Georgia Tech. Different location, Different school. … No one is going to confuse Georgia Tech with Georgia as being the same. Some guys are going to like the school in town that’s more technical and some guys are going to like the school that’s not in town. You’ve got the same difference with Clemson or whoever you are recruiting against.”

Kansas DC Carl Torbush adjusting to personnel: “That’s one good thing about having multiple packages. If we need to go to a 3-3 or a 4-2-5, whatever we need to do to make sure we manufacture depth, to make sure we’ve got fresh people on the field at all times. And also, if we don’t have enough linebackers, we can play with two linebackers. If we don’t have enough defensive linemen, we play with three linemen.”

Quoting South Carolina special teams coordinator Shane Beamer: "We've got to become an asset for this team," Beamer said. "We've got to be better if we're going to compete for championships."

Quoting Illinois DC Vic Koenning: "If we beat our team down and thell them they ain't worth a dang, then they ain't worth a dang. If we can show them where they can improve and what they have to do to be great and make them believe they're capable of being great and building them up until they're great or good, that's our best chance. We're holding them accountable. Believe me, that's why my head hurts.''

Sark pleased with Huskies scrimmage: "I thought all in all the day went well. We took the approach of a first preseason NFL game, with our starters somewhat limited reps. Our first offense went two series, our first defense went three series. I thought both of them played extremely well: efficient football. But the real key to this day was to see the young kids play. I thought our 1’s in special teams looked good. I thought #10 was great today. For two series, he was on point. “

Fresno State RB Tracy Slocum compares Fresno State and his former school (Cal): "This camp is totally different than Cal's. We hit a lot here. And just the heat. ... Coach Hill's intense, too. He keeps us motivated. Practice is fun here. Everyone's looking forward to practicing."

Idaho head coach Robb Akey talks about the Vandal's scrimmage: