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Wednesday afternoon Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Dave Wannstedt reminds players that depth chart can change: "But I've told our players -- so much they are probably sick of hearing me say this -- but I remember the story of Steve Slaton, [during his freshman year at West Virginia].”

"He was the fourth-team running back in training camp and, by the end of the season, he was a Heisman Trophy candidate for the next year. Things do happen and things change."

UTEP head coach Mike Price really high on his new defensive coordinator Andre Patterson: “I think coach Patterson is a real unusual guy. He’s a special person, and I’m surprised he isn’t a head coach in the NFL right now.”

Rickey Bustle on playing against new UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham: "Really, no film is really good. You don't know what they're going to do. It's really tough to go into an opening game not knowing other than a 3-4 defense what they're going to do."

Oklahoma State wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer talks about importance of blocking: "The perimeter blocking has been a huge thing for us in leading the Big 12 in rushing each of the last four years. The receivers have had a big play in that, especially on the explosive plays. Somebody breaks the first tackle, then you have to have somebody else blocking the linebackers and the secondary on the third level. It's been a mindset and it's been a forte of the guys that have been here and taken a lot of pride in that. As Coach Holgorsen will tell you in the screen game, the perimeter is so big and in this offense with guys getting the ball in space, guys have to match and block downfield also, so there's no difference between the two offenses as far as blocking. How we block won't be any different. Hopefully, between the inside and outside receivers, we'll be able to maintain that tradition that has been started here for the last four or five years and be a dominant blocking receiving corps."

Ken Niumatalolo after only 2 upper-class players decided to hang it up upon learning they would be on the scout team to start 2010: "This is not something you can force on anybody. Either you want to be out here or you don't. It's hard enough to just be a Midshipmen here. To also play Division I football at the highest level... I don't think too many people understand how hard that is. To juggle all three things - academically, militarily and on the football field - is tough."

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen talks about quarterback Brandon Weeden: “He’ll make some bad checks. But if you handcuff him because he makes a bad check you’ll never see him make a good check. You have to give him freedom and let him roll with it.”

Joker Phillips on the impact of the Louisville season-opener: “The biggest thing is momentum. Not only do you leave this game with momentum to carry you through the rest of the season, you leave with momentum in recruiting.”

Mark Dantonio moved top recruit Gholston to from LB to DE, requested by player: "To be honest, he came over and poked me in the back on Thursday down at Ford Field, and said, 'Hey, coach, I want to become a defensive end permanently. I said, 'OK, how much do you weigh?' He said,'260.' I said, 'Yeah, let's go.'”

"That was his decision. That's the way I wanted it to be. If he made that move, it needed to be his decision or he'd still be a linebacker."

"We never planted the seed. I think as he continued to rush the passer, he saw himself as a guy that could maybe help a little more in that area. He can be a force and he's still a freshman. I think we all have to remember that, he's still young. He has great skills”.