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Wednesday afternoon Coaches Quick Hits

UCLA offensive line coach Bob Palic praised Texas / Muschamp: “They are the most talented defense I have seen in the five years since I have been back in college football. They have strength and quickness. I don't see a flaw."

Mario Christobal says FIU improving: “Nobody in [the locker room] is happy. We never will be with any type of moral victory. But are we advancing? Without a doubt.”

“We're playing BCS opponents to the wire. The physicality of our football team is better. We can and we will take that next step, be that Sun Belt Conference team that can beat one of those BCS schools that we face.''

Interesting quotes from USC special teams coordinator John Baxter: "How much do you think Lane (cares) about the kicking game? I'm just sick of it. We've got too many (number) conflicts."

"Nobody can wear No. 5 or No. 1 or Ronnie Lott's number (42)."

"We're not spending too much time. We're spending what you're supposed to spend on it. They didn't spend enough time on it last year."

Brett Bielema, who is single, thinks not having a family lowers his stress level: "I felt pressure to get my scouting assignments done and I honestly feel the same exact pressure. I’m sure it’s in a much larger fashion, but it doesn’t ever feel that way to me now. I can’t say maybe my first year or two that wasn’t the case. But for me, I’m very comfortable in what I do and how I go about it and what I believe in, and I don’t know if that puts me at peace.”

"Is it stressful? It’s stressful, but I never ... I see some guys that I work with or I go against, and I’m like, `Whew, he’s really stressed.' "

"I come home to a house with no lights on. And I'd love a family. I mean, I plan on having a family at some point. I keep saying that -- don’t ask my mom."

Joe Paterno talks about Al Golden, adds that young coaches need to be more patient: "He(Golden) talked to me about different possibilities. He left for the University of Virginia because he was close to Al Groh. He had a chance to get a little more responsibility down there.”

"When the Temple job came up, I can't remember if Al called me or not. We talked a little bit about his future and [the need to have] patience. I think I told him to not be in a hurry and jump at any job that popped up.”

"Generally speaking, I think young coaches have a tendency to want to go too fast. I probably said something about waiting for the right opportunity. If he did say something to me about [Temple], I probably would have told him, 'If they're willing to make a commitment, it's probably a good opportunity for you.' But I really don't remember having that conversation."

Game Changing Coaches Week #3

Jim Tressel talks about Buckeyes mascot “Brutus,” who was dumptrucked by the Ohio mascot during warm-ups: "I was standing at the National Anthem and I heard some of our guys talking, 'hey, did you see that mascot?' And I'm thinking, 'you're thinking about the mascot?’”

"I asked him if he was going to be ready for Saturday and he's probable from an injury report standpoint."

Purdue head coach Danny Hope talks about stress in coaching: "It's very stressful. During the season, it's an 80-hour week but you usually dip into the 100-hour week. Those aren't exaggerations -- those are legit -- and it goes on for hundreds of days in a row.”

"It's total life consuming, it's fast-paced and it's a stressful occupation in a lot of ways. I don't do anything other than work. I guess maybe the fun that we have on the practice field and being around the guys is an outlet or a defense mechanism in some ways. I like the physical part of the game, the camaraderie part of the game and the emotional part of the game. I have a lot of fun with those phases of it."

Quoting NC State head coach Tom O’Brien: “When you don’t pick a football up from Nov 28th to August, it takes a while to get your timing back. He certainly played well last Thursday night. We’re really glad.”

“We’ve gotten better each of the first three weeks. That’s the goal. I think we’re capable of having a winning year and going to a bowl game this year.”

Turner Gill concerned about play calling communication: "From a coaches' standpoint, what we can control, one thing we gotta do is make sure we get the play in fast enough. I think that's part of it. Number two, the people (on the sideline) that are giving the signals and the quarterback being able to receive it so there's not any misunderstanding and missignaling. That's going to happen occasionally. It's not gonna be perfect, we all understand that. But I think we can be lot better than what we are from that standpoint. The third, fourth, or fifth ball-game, you hope to have yourself a little bit more consistent in being able to get things done."

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