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Wednesday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes & notes from around the country:

Quoting Brian Kelly: “At the end of the day, we are going to do what we do. I worry less about individual matchups. I spend most of my time on the collective matchups of our offense, defense, and special teams.” 

“I know you can’t win championships without good run defense. I can tell you that right now. We’ll get tested right out of the gates. Purdue is going to run the football.” 

“If you can’t stop the run, you might as well start looking for something else to do because it’s going to be a long day.”

Quoting San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre: "We've explained to them what the atmosphere is going to be like and what the heat is going to be like because that's the main thing that's going to hit them. In that stadium, it doesn't breathe. There's no air that flows through there. It's like being in a huge dome."

Quoting Bret Bielema: “We’ll give the kids an opportunity to get a tour of the downtown Strip. But that won’t be more than 45 minutes. Going back to coach Alvarez’s day, he was a little bolder than I was. He actually let the guys get off in one of the casinos and have a buffet lunch or dinner. I’m not that bold. We’ll do a bus tour, get a chance to take a couple (pictures), then we’ll go right back to the hotel and business as usual.”

Interesting quote from Cal head coach Jeff Tedford: “At one point last year when we were 8-3, it felt to me like we were 3-8. We didn’t finish the season very well and that bothered me. A lot. When you sit back and look at the program, the way I do things, the way the staff does things, what environment am I creating if I’m stressed out for the players, the coaches?”

Duke starting new tradition: “Duke will start a new tradition this year and run out of the tunnel behind the three flags of the ACC, the United States and North Carolina. Each flag will be carried by a member of the scout team that had preformed well in practice that week.”