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Wednesday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Mark Richt knows Arkansas game is huge: “I don’t know how big a game can get, but this is big. The players know it, the coaches know it and Bulldog Nation knows it. We’ve got to get after it (on Saturday).”

“I went and watched the TV copy (of the game) last night. I got three quarters of it in, just to kind of get a flavor of that. There was a picture of one of our players who looked like he turned down the opportunity to lay into somebody that it could’ve made the difference on a big play that they had. That’s not Georgia football.”

Rich Rod talks about Denard Robinson’s durability: “We’re not worried about his durability because he can handle it. It’s more about who’s hitting him. There is a difference from someone in the front 7 or in the secondary. 29 (rushes) is probably too many, but he can handle it.”

“We talked about an unshakable focus. We’ve got to keep that. We don’t want our focus to change from the first day of camp to the end of the season.”

Tuberville focused on the process: “I've told you this before: We never talk about winning or losing a game. We talk about playing well, going out and doing the best you can do. I don't put any pressure on myself on any game, because I know you've got a long season and you can't have all those ups and downs. You've got to have that even keel."

Joe Paterno say PSU didn’t have fun in Alabama: "Alabama is a good football team that played with discipline and enthusiasm, and we can hope that some of that rubs off on us and we realize that this is still a game, so go out there and enjoy it. We didn't have any fun down there. We were too tight."

Wisconsin OC Paul Chryst wants to see players “Finish” : "You can use finish in a lot of ways. Finishing the play means making the play. Finish means playing hard the whole play. Finishing drives means you're putting the ball in the end zone. And finishing games." 

Rick Neuheisel explains struggles: "Why were struggling is not because of the Pistol. It has nothing to do with the Pistol. Has to do that we're not throwing and catching. We've had ill-timed procedure penalties. We've just got to eliminate stupid mistakes."

Doc Holliday doesn’t want WVU loss to beat his team twice: “They have no choice. It’s either that or you get beat. If you think you are going to waltz into somebody’s stadium and just (be given) a win, that isn’t going to happen. If you are not prepared and vested, you are going to get beat.”

Lane Kiffin says Minnesota better than UVA: "This team's better (than Virginia). I don't care who they played."

Rick Stockstill not interesting is talking about Memphis job he almost took: "It's not relevant to what's going on. I won't (think about it) and haven't thought about it a second until you just brought it up. It has no bearing on the outcome of the game. It doesn't mean anything to me."