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Weis: For players, it's all about word of mouth

When Charlie Weis was hired, he decided to hire two coaches with deep Kansas roots to build a fence around the state. 

Special teams coordinator Clint Bowen and offensive line coach Tim Grunhard both have pretty big names in Kansas. Grunhard has NFL experience with the Cheifs, as well as time as a high school coach in the Kansas City area. Bowen has developed a unique loyalty in Lawrence where he played defensive back, and has also worked under three different Kansas head coaches.

According to Weis, these are the two guys that in state recruiting starts with for the Jayhawks.

“We’ll sprinkle everyone else in, but it all starts with those two."

As Weis explains, having household Kansas names on staff like Bowen and Grunhard, coupled with their work ethic on the recruiting trail is eventually going to have a snowball effect on recruiting.

“What happens is, when you start winning some of them, then you start winning more of them because those guys talk to the other guys about the experiences they’re having."

“It’s all about word of mouth for the players.”