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Weis talks discipline

Last season, Kansas ranked near the bottom in the nation in almost every major defensive category. Charlie Weis has been determined to change that, starting with changing the team's outlook with discipline.

The Jayhawks finished last in the FBS in total defense and scoring defense, giving up over 518 yards per game and 44 ppg (both 120th nationally), and ranked near the bottom in rushing defense (#117 - 239 ypg), and pass efficiency defense (#118 - 165).

Weis' approach since his hire in December has been that you get one chance to set things right, and that's what he aims to do before loosening up at all.

“I think you only get one opportunity to set it right. You only get one chance and you do not get a do-over. It is a common philosophy with coaches that it is always easier to loosen up on a team after it has been rigid than it is to tighten up on a team after it’s been lose.”

On the same note, Weis is hoping to see the guys have some fun in front of the fans during their spring game tomorrow.

“I would just like to see us go out there defensively and run and tackle and have some fun. I would like to see us sling it around a bit on offense and have some success, especially with the front line guys to see how there continuity is playing with each other. I would like to be able to run the ball in the red zone when people are stacking it up on the goal line and daring you to run it.”