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Well done "Gameday" website


Arizona State hosts Missouri tonight. We went to Arizona State's website to do a little research.

In doing so, we found a very small (almost hidden) link to their "Gameday Central".

Their base football website is fine, similar to many other colleges.

Gameday Central on the other hand is a winner. Easy to navigate, and it puts all of the information you could possibly need at your fingertips. Seriously, every team should have a page as simple and functional as this.

Highlights...first, everything you need is visible. Ticket info, gameday parking, etc...but more importantly, schedule, results, stats, quotes, pics, roster (both teams), two-deep (both teams), game notes (both teams), media guide (both teams), etc...TV, radio links, gametracker link, twitter, facebook, etc...really, all in one spot.

We're not sure why we had such a hard time finding the link to this page from their normal "football" webpage; but wow, Gameday Central is a page that every team in America should replicate.