Well, this is cool...

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Larry Fedora's staff will hit the road recruiting on Monday, and they won't be heading out empty handed. 

Take a look at this cool new asset they sent over and that they will be bringing to share with recruits beginning Monday. As you will see in the video, upon opening the "book" the screen awakens like an iPad screen does when you open the cover and nearly immediately a UNC video begins to auto-play. No action needed by the coach or the recruit. Very simple, very cool. The user can then choose to play either of two different videos (which the video staff at UNC can update before the coaches head out on the road...or before sending one of these to a recruit...or a donor). Think about the possibilities here.

I checked with the UNC staff and these were far less expensive than I expected. Hats off to the UNC staff for being the first to bring these to the "market" but I'm guessing they won't be the last. 

One note that I noticed upon watching the video I took, the quality and clarity of the video within the "book" itself is excellent; however in my video, due to the angle at which I held the camera the quality doesn't come through as well. Trust me, this thing looks great in person. 

We appreciate coach Fedora and their staff for being willing to share this. Thank you.

After thinking more about this, and now that I know the price point, I can really imagine all sorts of applications for a "book" like this. Will share more thoughts in the coming days. Stay tuned...