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We're about to find out how good Alabama is

After 3 weeks, and games against Kent State, Penn State and North Texas, we're about to find out how good Alabama really is. This week they host Arkansas and then they head south to play in the Swamp.

Alabama's defense is currently #2 in the nation in scoring defense, allowing 6 points per game. They are #4 in the country is rush defense and #5 in pass defense.

On offense, the combo of Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy has looked pretty good in the backfield (Richardson is averaging over 6 ypc and has 8 rushing TDs, while Lacy is averaging over 10 ypc and has 3 rushing TDs).

Conversely, Arkansas is #8 in passing offense and scoring offense and they are rushing for a respectable 170 yards per game. On defense, they are #18 in scoring defense.

This game looks like a good barometer for both teams. (Yes, we're pretty sure that's the first time the word "barometer" has ever been used on FootballScoop)

Here's one of Lacy's touchdown runs from yesterday

And here's a look at one of Richardson's touchdown runs as well