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We're moving again. I told my wife and her jaw dropped

Changes can happen really fast in the coaching profession. It’s a profession that can lead you to places unknown. It’s also a profession that can be tough on families.

Less than 24 hours following the MAC Championship game, Matt Limegrover has absolutely no clue he would be moving from DeKalb, IL to Minneapolis, MN. When Northern Illinois head coach Jerry Kill accepted the Minnesota job, he asked his offensive coordinator / offensive line coach Matt Limegrover to join him.

Here’s how Limegrover describes it to ESPN1500 in Minny:

Limegrover said, “It's crazy trying to live out of a hotel and with being in the heat of recruiting right now, but it's also the nature of it. Fortunately, it is not the first time that we've had to do it or have had to do it as a group. So, I think the byproduct of it is that as crazy as it could have been that part was lessened because we've all done it together.”

“There is a core of guys who for some of us it's the fourth time we've done it together, with most of its third time. We kind of knew what needed to be done and what needed to happen, so I think that lessened it a little bit. But it has been pretty crazy to say the least.”

So what was your wife’s reaction when you told her the family was moving to Minnesota?

“It was kind of drop-jaw, what-are-you-talking-about-type reaction. The move from Carbondale and Southern Illinois to Northern Illinois for me particularly was pretty good for me because my wife is from that area and has a lot of family there, so that worked out very well. But then to say we're going six hours away, initially that set her aback. The great thing is that the wives, after the initial shock kind of sets in of you're moving, you're disrupting things, then the great excitement sets in of what a great opportunity it is. Really in a lot of respects it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they realize that and understand it.”

“Once everybody started looking into the Twin Cities and everything that the area has to offer, I know my wife was incredibly excited. She's already brought the kids. They didn't want to see me. They went straight to the Mall of America. So, I had to go down there to see them. They are real excited. And that is a big part of it, to know that they are chomping at the bit to get up here and to get going with things because it makes you feel a little bit better about the decision you made.”