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West Virginia settles with Bill Stewart for a pretty penny

Bill Stewart is getting a pretty penny for his resignation. $1.65 million to be exact.

Details of the settlement emerged today.

West Virginia will pay Stewart $1.65 million, coupling what would have been his 2011 salary, his buyout money as if he were dismissed following the 2010 season, and what would have been his salary for the 30 months following his coaching stint when Stewart was expected to remain with the university in a non-coaching role.

In the settlement however, Stewart no longer will serve in any non-coaching role. Most believe that Stewart would have helped with fundraising and / or university relations.

In other words, Stewart basically said he’s going to get his.

Athletic director Oliver Luck basically said, “Holla, homey.”

Neither party is allowed to speak poorly of the other or divudge any known or unknown information about the nasty separation.