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What Bo Pelini should have said today...

Bo Pelini went 1-for-2 today. 

Now 48 hours removed from Nebraska's 41-21 loss to UCLA, Bo Pelini asked a hard but appropriate question of himself on Monday. "Have I pushed to an extent where (the players) aren't having fun anymore?," said Pelini on the Big Ten coaches' teleconference. "I need to start having fun again. I do," he continued. "If I don't start enjoying my job, how are they going to?"

I'm not in Nebraska's meetings and practice, so I don't know the root of the problem. But here's what I do know: the Huskers aren't 38 points worse than UCLA in a three quarter span. Pelini has never been accused of hopping on a trampoline while licking a lollipop on the sidelines. To an outsider, making the game more fun feels like as good a place as any to start.

That's where Pelini hit a home run, or at least a solid double to the gap. Now to his strike out.

In response to Tommie Frazier's comments calling for the jobs of Nebraska's coaches, Pelini said, "If he feels like that, so be it. We don't need him."

Publicly rebuking a living legend and Nebraska demigod typically isn't the way to go for a coach fresh off a 20-point loss, and that proved to be the case here.

We offer this Twitter exchange as a route Pelini would've been better off taking:

Frazier and Pelini are two men that are obviously invested heavily in the fortunes of the Nebraska football program, so coming to an understanding in the name of all things Go Big Red would have been better for all involved.