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What do you think of this new football program's helmet design?


Limestone College (S.C.) won't play its inaugural football game for another 66 weeks. With kickoff that far in the horizon, the Division II Saints have to turn to other avenues to get in the door with recruits. In today's day and age, what better way to do that than with an attention-grabbing helmet design?

“These days, how you look is extremely important,” said head coach Bobby James. “The custom design and the custom facemask were both decisions made by our staff to field the most unique helmet in NCAA Division II football. We feel our design is one of a kind and people will instantly identify it as Limestone College football when they see it.”

Limestone's Schutt Vengeance DCT features a blue carbon fiber lid with a chrome facemask. One of a kind, indeed.

What do you think?