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What grad assistants do while the coaches are on the road


Earlier this morning, South Carolina graduate assistant Scott Spurrier tweeted a picture to us of the job board that they put together using The Scoop while the rest of the staff is out on the road recruiting.

Check it out.

Just a little while ago, a few more grad assistants out at Wyoming let us that they're also staying busy decorating the office Christmas tree (see below).

Over at Nebraska, a couple of the guys were "honored" to take a pic with recently announced Finalist for Director of Football Operations of the Year Jeff Jamrog.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 12.56.01 PM

If your guys are doing anything other than just refreshing The Scoop every five minutes (which we do encourage), let us know! Everyone loves hearing about the life of grad assistants.


Southeastern Oklahoma State's grad assistants working the phones...


And then theres this...

Just another day at the office...