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What is the publisher of this website hoping to accomplish?


Some time in the last 72 hours, the website was registered and created. 

The name is pretty simple, and so is the site. It's just one page, with the header you see below, a plea to "spread the word" on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and men's and women's t-shirts on sale for $20 apiece.

 This isn't the first site of its kind - I recall being the ground-breaker in this industry - and it surely won't be the last. I'm just at a loss for whatever the site founder is hoping to accomplish (besides selling those $20 t-shirts). 

Brown coached 16 seasons at Texas, and the majority of them were very good. But he's gone, and he isn't coming back. Brown still casts a very large shadow, one that follows Charlie Strong everywhere he goes until he one day lifts a national championship trophy of his own. 

Again, I fail to understand what the goal is here. The person who created this site certainly claims themselves a Texas fan, but an orchestrated campaign for someone other than Texas' current head coach feels like it's coming from someone that's a bigger fan of Mack than the 'Horns. 

The only goal here has to be publicity, and then to make money through that publicity. There's no telling how many shirts have been ordered, but the publicity campaign hasn't gone too well. I Miss Mack launched its own Twitter account this afternoon, and so far it's accumulated a grand total of four followers.