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What it takes to be retained by two new head coaches

Michigan running backs coach Fred Jackson is entering his 21st season as a Wolverine assistant coach. Jackson was the only member of the coaching staff that was retained when Rich Rod took over, and again was the only coach retained when Brady Hoke was brought in. 

In an interview with the Ultimate Sports show, Jackson shares his thoughts on why both coaches decided to retain him and what it was like to see his son Jeremy choose to play at Michigan over offers from Iowa and LSU.

"I have had very good running backs that have had great success in this program. I have done the job they've needed me to do in recruiting by bringing in players that have been productive throughout the country, and I think when your looking for a running backs coach who knows the game to the point where he can make his players productive each week, and'd have to go out and find someone who could top that, and I think that's probably the reason I was retained here."