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What observations can you draw from this coaching tree graphic?


 Check out this coaching tree graphic by DyBuell via RedditCFB.

The actual print listing the coaches names is very small and impossible to read in this format, so thank goodness for the inclusion of the program's logo. Below the tweet from TexAgs I blew up the picture as much as possible.

The graphic helped us come to a few different conclusions as we head into the fall, including just how impressive Bill Synder's coaching tree is, and how select the triple option family is. Also, it's interesting to see the coach with the highest win percentage in the game (Chris Petersen) has just two disciples running their own FBS programs.

What observations do you have to share after taking a few minutes to soak this in? Any bets on who's coaching tree looks the most like Snyder's 30 years from now?