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'What's the first mistake you make as a first year coordinator?'

In their first game of the season, a 23-17 loss to Penn State, the Syracuse offense struggled, accounting for just 260 yards. As the season went on, the offense was more and more productive, including 432 yards in a loss to Northwestern, and a 480 yard and 34 point performance against Boston College.

For first year offensive coordinator George McDonald, the season was a baptism by fire of sorts capped by a Texas Bowl victory over Minnesota. In that first year as coordinator, you're constantly learning, and McDonald shared one of his lessons during a press conference yesterday.

Asked "What got better as the season went on?" McDonald responded by noting that as first year coordinator, less is often more.

"I think that I did less. Every person I talked to asked, ‘What’s the first mistake you make as a first year coordinator?’ You do too much."

"Even though I tried to do less, at the end of the year, we did way less. I think by doing way less, the kids got really comfortable so at the latter half of the season, we're repeating plays, we're repeating formations and it became second nature to the kids and they allowed their natural ability to come out, and that's what we're trying to do."

"As we continue to grow, we'll continue to scale back the playbook because even if you know what's coming, you still have to defend it. And if we can execute at a high level, and play at a high level, it's still going to put stress on the defense, even if it is a simple play."

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