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What Todd Monken enjoys most about coaching

Watch Todd Monken coach and you'll have no doubt about his is passion for the game of football, and coaching in general. The Oklahoma State offensive coordinator will have to replace two of the most productive players in Cowboy history next year on a team that finished #3 in total offense (546 ypg), #2 in passing offense (387 ypg), and #2 in scoring offense (49 ppg). 

“Right now, it's hard to say, ‘(Screw) what we just did.' Now, is (a lot of the success) because of Weeden? Is it because of Black? Yeah, it is. But did (Mike) Leach and them have continued success (at Texas Tech) once they lost kids? Sure they did. So, where that all goes, I don't know. But there's almost no way of turning back.”

Entering the final three weeks of spring ball in Stillwater, Monken is exciting about getting back on the field and soaking up the part of coaching he enjoys the most.

“What I really enjoy doing is going out there and yelling and acting like an idiot and coaching…and those guys getting better and the ups and downs of being (ticked) and being happy. That part of it is the fun of it.”