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When coaches return from war

In this morning's USA Today, you can find a powerful piece on Dwight Richins.

Richins is the head coach at Shelley High School in Idaho. Shelley has won the state championship every odd year since 2003 with Richins at the helm.

Last year, Lt. Colonel Richins, an army reservist, spent the year in Afghanistan fighting to protect our freedom.

It would be unjust for us to summarize the emotions within the article here, can only suggest that you find the time to read it when you can. It will not only make you proud of Coach Richins, thankful for his service and for that of all of our brave men and women that work so hard and give so much of themselves to protect this country; but also will remind all of us just how fortunate we are to get to coach young men and give them guidance in their lives.

USA Today's article by Rick Hampson