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When it comes to conference payouts to member schools, B1G is king

The Big Ten, the conference that paved the way for the modern TV network deals worth billions of dollars of revenue, is expected to distribute $26 million to each of their full member institutions (every 2013 member except Nebraska who will receive a partial share). 

That figure is by far the most of any league, and that number is expected to grow rapidly to over $30 million next year, and $35 million by the 2016-2017 year according to a recent piece by Forbes.

The other two major players in terms of conference distribution broke down as follows;

Big 12
- $22 million to each full member school
- $11 million to new members TCU and West Virginia

- $20 million to each of the 14 member institutions

According to the article, the average Big Ten athletic department had expenses totaling $90 million, meaning that this year's revenue distribution covered nearly 30% of their athletic costs for the year. For schools that spent far less than that $90 million threshold (schools like Illinois and Indiana) that chunk of change went much further than schools like Michigan or Ohio State who's expenses are obviously higher.

The Big 12 and SEC's payout cover a solid 25% of their athletic department expenses for the year.

Forbes also points out that the sources of the majority of that money is coming from very stable sources like conference TV deals, bowl games and the NCAA tournament. All deals and events that aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

The most interesting note in the article was that if money continues to come in as expected, the average Big Ten school will be able to rely on their conference payouts to cover all of their athletic expenses in every sport, except for football by the 2016-2017 school year.

If you're a numbers guy, I really recommend taking a look at the whole article here. Lots of interesting info.