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O'Leary said UCF would never go all black, now he's selling the helmets

In a move destined to be both popular, and heartbreaking to UCF fans, George O'Leary has decided that the black helmets that the team wore during their Black Friday match up against South Florida (a 23-20 win) are going up for sale.

In what was supposed to be a blackout game, UCF took the field with the new black helmets, black pants, and GOLD jerseys...which disappointed a lot of fans. After the game (and a disappointing performance) O'Leary reportedly publicly said that they'd never wear the black lids again, and it turns out he wasn't kidding.

The sharp looking helmets are being priced at $350 for the authentic ones, while the game-worn ones will cost $400. All proceeds will go to football operations, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

O'Leary has been very vocal in his stance that the team will never wear all black as long as he is in charge, and this makes it clear that stance isn't budging.

Last year, Oregon launched a site where they auctioned off game worn jerseys, helmets, cleats, and other game memorabilia (and have done the same with their pink helmets) so O'Leary isn't necessarily doing something new here. While he is sticking to his guns, he's also found a creative way to make a little money in the process.