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'When preparing for the no huddle, finishing is most important on D'

Butch Jones take his Tennessee squad north to Eugene this weekend in what should be one of the premier games of the weekend (kick off is at 3:30pm EST on ABC).

The similarities between the Vols offense and the Ducks when it comes to tempo (there is actually only three snaps difference over the past two games) will definitely help to prepare the Tennessee defense to play in Autzen, Jones told Sirius XM that the most important thing when preparing a defense to play an uptempo team has nothing to do with preparation, alignment, or communication.

"When you're preparing a defense to prepare an up tempo offense, the big thing that you have to talk to your players about is still finishing plays. I think that a lot of times you're so caught up in having to get lined up and get the call in that you forget the most important thing, and that's to finish plays."

"Everything is space and pace, so it's really going to come down to our one on one battles and being able to play in space and make tackles."

Two new head coaches of storied college football programs incorporating up tempo approaches on Saturday should make for an exciting match up. We're really looking forward to this one.