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When should coaches hire an agent?

For a coach, the answer to the question, "When should I hire an agent?" is not always obvious.

There probably are far more benefits than most of us realize for doing this earlier in your career than you think. (If anyone wants our take on this feel free to email us)

But, one thing is certain, if you are interviewing for a collegiate head coaching position, you should have representation. You are a great football coach, that's what you focus on.

The best agents are always thinking about the best way to structure agreements. They have thought of (or should have thought of) a million different ways to protect from things that you likely, and properly, have never dreamed of. You need that guy with you at the table. 

Take the example of Al Golden. Hired earlier this year to be the new head coach at The U. This morning Golden came out with a statement that, "If they (Miami) knew this was percolating, I believe they had a responsibility to tell me and to tell (AD) Shawn Eichorst."

We don't have our copy of Golden's agreement handy; but we hope his representatives had the vision to include appropriate protection for Golden for such a potential scenario.