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'When the game is on the line go back to day 1 install'

David Shaw admits that in the first half of the Rose Bowl yesterday, they did some stuff to get Wisconsin off balance a bit, but when the game was on the line he reflected back to a conversation he had with Joe Montana.

"For us it's always about getting back to the basics. I tell these guys a lot about a conversation that I had with Joe Montana. We talked about the Super Bowl wins and how Bill Walsh would always go back to day 1 installation when the game was on the line...the plays that those guys know and rep so many times."

"We say that all the time, we're going to go back to what we do because at the end of the game it all comes down to execution."

Keep that in mind the next time a game goes down to the wire. Go back to the plays you installed on day one that you've repped over and over again so that your guys are out there executing with confidence when it matters the most.

Also, notice Shaw's kids on stage with him after one of their biggest wins of the season. This isn't a guy who just preaches about a family environment at Stanford, he lives it.