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When you make a mistake as a coach...

Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti made comments that he later regretted following their game Saturday night versus Washington State. 

Sunday, Aliotti did the right thing. 

In an interview, Aliotti said, "My integrity’s important to me, and the type of person I really am wasn’t portrayed in that moment. I got caught up in the emotion, and that’s not what a man of Oregon should do. I’m embarrassed.”

He added, "The bottom line is, I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed that I got caught up in the moment after the game. There's no excuse, but sometimes right after the game the adrenaline is still flowing and I made a huge, human error in judgment. I wish I could take it back, and I promise it won't happen again.

“I'd like to apologize to Mike Leach and Bill Moos, Washington State and its fans, and Oregon and our fans.”

Coaches, just like everyone else in the world, make mistakes. When you do, those with integrity do the right thing. Coach Al is a good man. He admitted his mistake and is attempting to correct it.