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'When you're banged up in the secondary, there are two strategies...'

With most teams entering the middle of their at this point in the year, chances are pretty good you might be dealing with a few injuries over the next few weeks.

While no one wants to lose a starter, UCLA head coach Jim Mora (who has over a decade experience coaching defensive backs in the NFL) has some advice for coaches out there who might be dealing with some losses in their secondary (like Cal is said to have coming into their game this week against the Bruins)

"I think that when you're playing with a banged up secondary, and I've been a secondary coach forever, you really can take two philosophies." Mora says at the 3:45 mark.

"You're either going to just bring it all the time and make them throw it fast, or you're going to just sit in cover two to try and help out your corners. Now, it's never that simple in the game, but I think we'll be able to decipher pretty quickly what their (Cal) philosophy is."

Interesting point to keep in mind if your secondary is battling through injuries the next few weeks, or if you've got an opponent with injuries in their defensive backfield.